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Top 10 Websites to Buy or Sell Gift Cards Online

Forget wrapping paper and trips to the store! In today’s digital world, giving gifts is easier than ever with online gift cards. These handy little vouchers let you shop your favorite stores from anywhere, making them perfect for any occasion. And if you have unwanted gift cards lying around, you can even sell them online for cash!

  1. Raise : Get awesome discounts on popular brands like Amazon and Starbucks.

When it comes to a seamless marketplace for buying or selling gift cards, Raise takes the lead. This user-friendly platform provides a secure and transparent space for individuals to purchase gift cards at discounted rates or sell their unused ones. With a vast array of retailers and brands available, Raise allows users to explore a diverse selection, ensuring that the perfect gift or a profitable transaction is just a few clicks away. Whether you’re a savvy shopper looking for a great deal or someone looking to convert their gift cards into cash, Raise offers a convenient and reliable solution, making it a top contender in the online gift card marketplace.

  1. CardCash : Turn your unwanted cards into quick cash (within 48 hours!).

In the realm of gift card marketplaces, CardCash stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking to transform their unused gift cards into cash. With a straightforward and intuitive interface, CardCash makes the process of selling gift cards a breeze. Users can enter the details of their cards, receive competitive offers, and choose to either sell or exchange them for other gift cards. This flexibility, combined with a wide range of accepted retailers and brands, ensures that individuals looking to declutter their wallets can do so seamlessly on CardCash. Additionally, for those on the hunt for discounted gift cards, CardCash offers a vast selection at attractive prices, making it a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers navigating the online gift card marketplace.

  1. GiftCardGranny : Compare prices from different sellers to find the best deal.

GiftCardGranny has earned its spot among the top players in the online gift card marketplace with its unique approach. Acting as a comprehensive aggregator, this platform allows users to compare prices and deals from various gift card resellers. Whether you’re in search of discounted cards or looking to sell, GiftCardGranny provides a one-stop-shop for the best deals, making it an ideal choice for both thrifty shoppers and those seeking to maximize the value of their gift cards.

4. : Your one-stop shop for buying, selling, and reloading gift cards.

Navigating is a treasure trove for gift card enthusiasts. With an extensive catalog featuring a myriad of brands, users can effortlessly explore and purchase gift cards for themselves or as thoughtful presents for others. doesn’t just cater to buyers; it’s also a haven for individuals looking to sell their unused gift cards. The straightforward selling process allows users to quickly and securely turn their cards into cash, providing a hassle-free solution for those with cards they may not have a use for.

5. BuyBackWorld: Get flexible payouts for your cards – cash, PayPal, Bitcoin, or even other gift cards!

When it comes to selling your unused gift cards on BuyBackWorld, the options are anything but conventional. The platform recognizes that users have diverse preferences when it comes to receiving payment. Whether you prefer the liquidity of cash, the convenience of PayPal, the modern allure of Bitcoin, or the flexibility of other gift cards, BuyBackWorld has you covered. This unique approach ensures that users can tailor their transactions to align with their financial preferences and lifestyle.

6. Gyft : Send personalized e-gift cards with scheduled delivery – perfect for last-minute gifting!

Gyft takes the act of gifting to new heights by enabling users to personalize their e-gift cards. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, Gyft allows you to add a personalized touch to your digital gifts. With the ability to include heartfelt messages or choose e-gift cards from a diverse range of retailers, Gyft ensures that your digital presents carry a touch of thoughtfulness.

7. Coinstar : Skip the bank and turn your loose change into gift cards at the grocery store.

Coinstar’s unique proposition lies in its accessibility. Nestled within your local grocery store, these kiosks provide a quick and simple way to convert loose change into usable gift cards. By eliminating the need to visit a bank, Coinstar ensures that the process is not only efficient but also seamlessly integrated into your routine shopping activities.

8. eBay : Find a huge variety of gift cards, often at discounted prices.

One of eBay’s standout features is the potential for finding gift cards at discounted prices. Sellers on the platform often offer their cards at a reduced rate, allowing buyers to unlock additional savings on their favorite brands. Whether you’re a savvy shopper looking for a deal or someone searching for budget-friendly gift options, eBay’s marketplace introduces an element of affordability to the world of gift card transactions.

9. Amazon : Prime members, rejoice! Buy and reload gift cards with lightning-fast delivery.

Amazon’s extensive marketplace isn’t limited to physical goods; it also encompasses a vast selection of digital gift cards. Prime members can explore a diverse array of options, from popular retail and tech brands to specialty stores, ensuring that there’s a perfect gift card for every occasion. The wide selection caters to the varied tastes and preferences of Prime members, making the platform a one-stop-shop for all their gifting needs.

10. Staples : Need office supplies? Grab discounted Staples gift cards online and stock up!

Staples’ discounted gift cards bring an added layer of savings for customers looking to fulfill their office supply needs. Online platforms offer users the opportunity to purchase Staples gift cards at a reduced rate, allowing them to maximize their budget when restocking on essential items. This strategy empowers customers to make smart and cost-effective choices while ensuring that the process of acquiring office supplies becomes more economical.

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